Sunday, November 26, 2017

Live Broadcast of #MerryDRIFTMAS

A live broadcast from the #MerryDRIFTMAS Event by Drift Central, as presented by myself.

Notes: This is my first LIVE stream (and thus a learning experience). For some reason my USB Capture Card wasn't wanting to work (even though I tested it prior to the event), and thus I wasn't able to provide live aerial footage as planned, or hookup my Nikon to get you a zoomed and stable view (and the reason why I ended the stream when I did). Also, I was using a GPD Win as the PC, which has some limitations, but as you can see was feasible to run this stream, and I still had plenty of battery. I look forward to trying this again at HappyNewDRIFT!

Hopefully then I will figure out a way to run multiple cams at once

(Note to self, verify the USB Capture Card and other Peripherals are working before starting the stream.)

-- Gear --
SimulatorLiftoff (Steam)
FrameHyperlow Freestyle Modular
Flight Controller: DYS F4
FPV CameraRotor Riot Swift 2
HD CameraGoPro Hero 6 Black
PropsDal T5046 Cyclones Green
Motors: Cobra Champion 2207 2450kv
Video TX: Team Black Sheep Unify Pro V2 (5V)
Antenna: SMA TBS Triumph (Stub)
ReceiverFrSky X4R-SB SBUS
Battery: ThunderPower Adrenaline 80c 4S 1300mah
GooglesQuanum Cyclops
TransmitterFrSky Taranis X9D Plus
ChargersTurnigy Accucell S60
iSDT Q6 Plus 300W/14A
HP 900W 12V DC Server Power Supply

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