Saturday, June 10, 2017

Taming the Lizard95 by the seat of my pants

Took "Stitch" my Lizard95 to "Bando Land" as I like to call it. This is a test flight on a Turnigy 370mah Nano-Tech that weighs 37g. Got about 2 minutes of flight time on it. I only got two batteries so its all about flying. All I've done since the last video is adjusted the Notch Filters on the quad and it handles better than it did previously, still need to work on the tune, and get used to the lack of mass with this quad. Either way, the thing is an absolute blast to fly, it gives you the feeling of being in control while being out of control at the same time. As Stew (uavfutures) said, "If you got the skills to pay the bills", he wasn't kidding, this little thing is a rush!

Country Blocked? Airvuz Mirror

--- Gear ---
Kit: Eachine Lizard95
Frame: Eachine Lizard95
Motors: Eachine 1104 6000kv
ESC: Eachine Minicube 10A BLHeli_S
Flight Controller: Eachine MiniCube F3 6DOF
Camera: NewBeeDrone "StingerPod" (FX805 Camera with Dipole Antenna + 40ch Transmitter)
Receiver: NewBeeDrone "StingerPod" (FX805 Camera with Dipole Antenna + 40ch Transmitter)
BatteriesEachine 550mah 40c
Camera/VTX:Eachine 48CH 25mw/100mw
Transmitter: FrSky Taranis X9D Plus
Goggles: Quanum Cyclops

-- DIY Base / Ground Station --
ScreenGeneric 800x480 5 inch Display
ReceiverEachine RC840 40 Channel Receiver
AntennaRP-SMA Aomway 5.8Ghz 4-Leaf Clover (RHCP)
Receiver & Screen Power:  Turnigy 3S 1500mah 35C
Video RecorderHMDVR
DVR PowerGeneric 1S 650mah
DC/DC Boost Converter
Plastic Case (Daiso Japan)

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