Friday, June 9, 2017

One pack blast (or until I crash) - Lizard95

So the FrSky version of Eachine Lizard95 that I purchased arrived today, unfortunately I only have access to the battery that came with it, but managed to already put 4 cycles through it. This is the story of the 4th pack.

Since I only have one battery I have not tried to tune it at all, just put in my rates, and lowered the Pitch P & D to match the Roll P & D. After flying it around, I think I need some more Roll D. This was just flying around and getting a feel for its capabilities.

Country Blocked? Airvuz Mirror

--- Gear ---
Kit: Eachine Lizard95
Frame: Eachine Lizard95
Motors: Eachine 1104 6000kv
ESC: Eachine Minicube 10A BLHeli_S
Flight Controller: Eachine MiniCube F3 6DOF
Camera: NewBeeDrone "StingerPod" (FX805 Camera with Dipole Antenna + 40ch Transmitter)
Receiver: NewBeeDrone "StingerPod" (FX805 Camera with Dipole Antenna + 40ch Transmitter)
BatteriesEachine 550mah 40c
Camera/VTX:Eachine 48CH 25mw/100mw
Transmitter: FrSky Taranis X9D Plus
Goggles: Quanum Cyclops

-- DIY Base / Ground Station --
ScreenGeneric 800x480 5 inch Display
ReceiverEachine RC840 40 Channel Receiver
AntennaRP-SMA Aomway 5.8Ghz 4-Leaf Clover (RHCP)
Receiver & Screen Power:  Turnigy 3S 1500mah 35C
Video RecorderHMDVR
DVR PowerGeneric 1S 650mah
DC/DC Boost Converter
Plastic Case (Daiso Japan)

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