Thursday, April 13, 2017

No Guts No Glory

I altered the "Diving Case" for my GoPro Hero 5 Black so I could mount it closer to the quad, and resolve some wobble on the pitch axis due to the shifting CG (when mounted via Quick Release). However, it appears as if my front right motor has problems spinning up from no throttle, that may have been due to a piece of sand that caused it to get stuck previously (See "Spiraling Out of Control"), and ultimately the cause of the epic crash at the end.

Resulting Damage?
1. Destroyed the "Front Bumper" plastic that protects the front of the frame
2. Damaged the front lip of the base plate (carbon is starting to split), but with a new "Front Bumper" it might as well be cosmetic only.
3. Ripped the pads of my FC for the OSD/Camera Passthrough, as the VTX wasn't mounted the best (needs to have a right angle adapter on the antenna) and slammed into the FC during the crash.
4. All propellers shattered

Overall I am very happy with the durability of my Spedix Black Knight 250 thus far.

Notes: Normally I like to post/create longer videos, but I don't have any other usable footage from that day (recorded about 2 weeks ago, at the same time as "Bando Barracks").

Happy and safe flying!

Country Blocked? Airvuz Mirror

-- Gear --
SimulatorLiftoff (Steam)
FrameSpedix Black Knight 250
Flight Controller: Naze32 Rev6
FPV CameraRuncam Swift Rotor Riot Edition
HD CameraGoPro Hero 5 Black
ESCs: BL_Heli_S with Oneshot and Multishot
PropsHQ 5x4x3 Orange
Motors: Spedix 2205 2300KV
Video TX: Spedix 200mw 40 Channel
Antenna: SMA TBS Triumph (Stub)
ReceiverFrSky X4R-SB SBUS
Battery: ThunderPower Adrenaline 80c 4S 1300mah
GooglesQuanum Cyclops
TransmitterFrSky Taranis X9D Plus
ChargerTurnigy Accucell S60

-- DIY Base / Ground Station --
ScreenGeneric 800x480 5 inch Display
AntennaRP-SMA Aomway 5.8Ghz 4-Leaf Clover (RHCP)
Receiver & Screen Power:  Turnigy 3S 1500mah 35C
Video RecorderHMDVR
DVR PowerGeneric 1S 650mah
DC/DC Boost Converter

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