Sunday, April 30, 2017

First Freestyle Competition At Flite Fest West 2017

Went to Flite Fest West 2017, and had an epic time. The Comradery from fellow Pilots was amazing. This video is all about firsts, as this weekend was full of them for me.

First Flite Fest
First time registering and attending a MultiGP Event as a Pilot
First freestyle competition
First time freestyling on BetaFlight (Stock PIDs, Custom Initial Rates [That I feel could be turned up higher])
First time running Lumenier 5x4x3 Propellers
First time dancing with (real) trees
First 4S Non-GoPro Experience
and probably many more...

I spent most of the morning fixing and addressing issues, and this is the best my quad has been flying in a while, from figuring out the source of my "Jell-O" Video (broken mount/back plate on my RR Swift), dealing with ESC Calibrations gone wrong [min throttle endpoints too high and causing motors to stop spinning when releasing the throttle [partial airmode]). I didn't plan on entering the Freestyle Competition, but it was a chance to fly and find out whether I fixed my quad. It was very intense to say the least, and about halfway through my run I started to feel jittery.

To think its only been about 4 months since I picked up a Transmitter...

Betaflight Config:
Proportional,Integral,Derivative,RC Rate, Super Rate, RC Expo
Roll: 44,40,20,1.0,0.82,0.00
Pitch: 58,50,22,1.0,0.82,0.00
Yaw: 70,45,0,1.05,0.81,0.00
Throttle Expo: 0.00
TPA: 0.10
TPA Breakpoint: 1650

After thoughts: I definitely need to tune this quad, it is a little "too loose" in my opinion, but that looseness results in a higher level of control needed to manage it, as the computer is doing a lot less than it could. I think it may be the lack of any RC Expo, and I being too low.

Country Blocked? Airvuz Mirror

-- Gear --
SimulatorLiftoff (Steam)
FrameSpedix Black Knight 250
Flight Controller: Naze32 Rev6
FPV CameraRuncam Swift Rotor Riot Edition
HD CameraGoPro Hero 5 Black
ESCs: BL_Heli_S with Oneshot and Multishot
PropsLumenier 5x4x3
Motors: Spedix 2205 2300KV
Video TX: Spedix 200mw 40 Channel
Antenna: SMA TBS Triumph (Stub)
ReceiverFrSky X4R-SB SBUS
Battery: ThunderPower Adrenaline 80c 4S 1300mah
GooglesQuanum Cyclops
TransmitterFrSky Taranis X9D Plus
ChargerTurnigy Accucell S60
-- DIY Base / Ground Station --
ScreenGeneric 800x480 5 inch Display
ReceiverEachine RC840 40 Channel Receiver
AntennaRP-SMA Aomway 5.8Ghz 4-Leaf Clover (RHCP)
Receiver & Screen Power:  Turnigy 3S 1500mah 35C
Video RecorderHMDVR
DVR PowerGeneric 1S 650mah
DC/DC Boost Converter
Plastic Case (Daiso Japan)

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