Thursday, April 6, 2017

Flight Club with Zoe FPV - Volume 2

No cops this time, and local security doesn't even look twice. To think its been only 3 months since I started learning to fly miniquads, and this would technically be the first time I actually made several laps around a track.  Flying a 250 sized miniquad on this course leaves little room for error, compounded by the fact of nothing to catch you but concrete.  Thankfully I (my quad) appear to have survived this round of Flight Club.  I had a lot of fun, and I hope you enjoy the footage.  Once again, special thanks to Zoe and the others for hosting and supporting this shindig.

Notes: Changed out my Flight Controller prior to going, and didn't program in my rates, (or set my arm/switch config [Thanks Nick for saving the day with your Surface]) so for this video I went with (Cleanflight)...
PIDS: Stock
RC Rate: 1.00
RC Expo: 0.70
Pitch Rate: 0.70
Roll Rate: 0.70
Yaw Rate: 0.60

Happy and safe flying!

Country Blocked? Airvuz Mirror

-- Gear --
SimulatorLiftoff (Steam)
FrameSpedix Black Knight 250
Flight Controller: Naze32 Rev6
FPV CameraRuncam Swift Rotor Riot Edition
HD CameraGoPro Hero 5 Black
ESCs: BL_Heli_S with Oneshot and Multishot
PropsHQ 5x4x3 Orange
Motors: Spedix 2205 2300KV
Video TX: Spedix 200mw 40 Channel
Antenna: SMA TBS Triumph (Stub)
ReceiverFrSky X4R-SB SBUS
Battery: ThunderPower Adrenaline 80c 4S 1300mah
GooglesQuanum Cyclops
TransmitterFrSky Taranis X9D Plus
ChargerTurnigy Accucell S60

-- DIY Base / Ground Station --
ScreenGeneric 800x480 5 inch Display
AntennaRP-SMA Aomway 5.8Ghz 4-Leaf Clover (RHCP)
Receiver & Screen Power:  Turnigy 3S 1500mah 35C
Video RecorderHMDVR
DVR PowerGeneric 1S 650mah
DC/DC Boost Converter

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