Sunday, April 9, 2017

DRL Racer3 Test Drive

So, I loaded up the DRL Simulator the other day, and to my surprise, was greeted with an update, and when the menu loaded, was face to face with the Racer3, and the option to Test Drive it! Without hesitation, I dove in, and am amazed at the difference. While taking it for a test drive, something clicked in my brain, and a whole new (yaw) dimension of control was opened. For the longest I couldn't wrap my head around backwards flight, and how Johnny FPV, Skitzo, and the others are able to do things they do, and now it feels like second nature. I am posting this video, because there are only a few days left to test drive it in the simulator (for all the pilots out there), and this feels like a major milestone to me. More to come with my real drone =D

Drone Specs:
Weight: 942g
Motor Thrust: 1700g
Camera Angle: 35*
Camera FOV: 64*
RC Rate: 90%
Roll/Pitch/Yaw Rates: 1082deg/sec
Throttle Expo: 0%
Pitch/Roll Expo: 70%
Yaw Expo: 60%

-- Gear --
SimulatorDrone Racing League
TransmitterFrSky Taranis X9D Plus

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