Sunday, March 5, 2017

Surviving L.A.Pocalypse in the DRL Simulator

Honing my skills as a FPV Pilot by flying freestyle through the DRL Level L.A.Pocalypse.  To error is human, and if your not crashing, your not pushing yourself.  Honestly I'm very happy with my current level of control, and it translates well to real life quads, though I haven't put my real quad in the position it could explode.... yet...

This is my current progress after 2 months of practice.

Happy and Safe Flying!

-- Gear --
Transmitter: FrSky Taranis X9D Plus

The settings used for this video:
Camera Tilt: 35*
Camera FOV: 64*
RC Rate: 90
Roll/Pitch/Yaw Rate: 1082 deg/s
Throttle Expo: 0%
Pitch/Roll Expo: 70%
Yaw Expo: 60%
Gravity: 9.81m/s^2
Drone Mass: 800g
Motor Power: 1200g

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