Thursday, February 9, 2017

Gates of Hell - Shipyard, City, Woods DRL Simulator

When you want to fly your quad, and its raining outside, what better way to get your fix than to go fly in the Drone Racing League Simulator.

This is my current growth/progress after about 50 hours of simulator flight time over a month's period (and less than 2 hours of real IRL flying).

Truth be told, there were plenty of explosions getting up to this point.  This simulator has easily saved me hundreds of dollars, and several hours of aggravation and fixing a quad in the quest to get better.

So if your interested in getting into the hobby, spend some serious time in a simulator, such as the one offered by the Drone Racing League.

Happy and Safe Flying!

The settings used for this video (old and twitchy/robotic feeling):
Camera Tilt: 35*
Camera FOV: 64*
RC Rate: 50
Roll/Pitch/Yaw Rate: 800 deg/s
Throttle Expo: 0%
Pitch/Roll Expo: 30%
Yaw Expo: 20%
Gravity: 9.81m/s^2
Drone Mass: 800g
Motor Power: 1200g

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