Thursday, February 16, 2017

Flow or No? Freestyle at Gates of Hell in DRL Simulator

It is an amazing feeling when you get your rates dialed in, take a tour of the Gates of Hell Level with me in the Drone Racing League Simulator.

Practicing Freestyle has huge benefits to pilot skill, as you quickly learn orientation, and control for pretty much an infinite amount of situations, and angles of attack or approach.  It is also complete blast!

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Happy and Safe Flying!

The settings used for this video:
Camera Tilt: 35*
Camera FOV: 64*
RC Rate: 90
Roll/Pitch/Yaw Rate: 1080 deg/s
Throttle Expo: 0%
Pitch/Roll Expo: 70%
Yaw Expo: 60%
Gravity: 9.81m/s^2
Drone Mass: 800g
Motor Power: 1200g

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