Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Field Flyer - Still a beginner, first wind exposure

Flying my Spedix Black Knight 250 around the local park with my GoPro Hero 5 Black (and protective case) strapped to it. I wanted to get in some flying time before it potentially rains for the next week.

As of recording, I have had about 15 minutes of flying FPV in Acro ever, but about 25 hours of Simulator time (which does not simulate wind). The GoPro and case add significant weight (and I've never flown it without the GoPro) using the stock 5" (non-bullnose) two blade propellers. Will have to try out some three blade 5045 propellers I got next time I can fly.

Also I'm realizing that I didn't account into my battery purchase the impact the extra weight of the GoPro adds to it, and should have gotten higher C rating than 35/70 as the voltage tends to sag more than I would like, though that may be still because the batteries are new. Eventually I'll upgrade to 4S, but not before I get more practice with my multi rotor aircraft, aka "Drone".

Happy Flying!

-- Gear --
SimulatorLiftoff (Steam)
FrameSpedix Black Knight 250
Flight Controller: Naze32 Rev6
FPV Camera: Spedix 700TVL Camera (Sucks)
HD CameraGoPro Hero 5 Black
ESCs: BL_Heli_S with Oneshot and Multishot
PropsDal T5045 3-Blade V2
Motors: Spedix 2205 2300KV
Video TX: Spedix 200mw 40 Channel
ReceiverFrSky X4R-SB SBUS
BatteryTurnigy Nano-Tech 35-70c 3S 1500mah
GooglesQuanum Cyclops
TransmitterFrSky Taranis X9D Plus
ChargerTurnigy Accucell S60

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